The Golden Foxy guy BB 3.0

aka back bitches

  • I live in Munchustur, Nuw Humshure.
  • I was born on October 27
  • My occupation is Writing graphic novels (fnaf comics)
  • I am Female, Bisexual.
  • The Golden Foxy guy BB 3.0

    I have been.....VERY inactive on wikia for a while. And, thats cuz its not so much fun here anymore.

    When i started going on wikia, in December, there was a comment section, chatroom, and friendly people on the fnaf wiki. I got attached to that place for months, until i started paying more attention to this wikia, that i made myself.

    I remember all the roleplaying that took place here, everyone was active, fun, and enjoyable.

    But now....most of them have....gone...became inactive when they used to be very active and nice....

    I dont bother to warn them of their inactivity, cuz the wiki was starting to die anyway.

    So, i just dont see wikia as FUN and ENJOYABLE anymore.

    So i resign my posotion as founder and give it to Taz and Lollie.

    Do whatever th…

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  • The Golden Foxy guy BB 3.0

    In the past few months, we have gotten a LOT of new people here. If you are new and are reading this, please read the LAWS AND RULES   page. This wiki is NOT very strict and has been made for fun. If you have anything to tell me, Dont hesitate to message me!

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  • The Golden Foxy guy BB 3.0

    Once there was 2 trolls named "Tipper" and "Table".

    They lived in illumanati falls, and life was ironic. Everyday they smoked weed and spammed GFG's wiki and transformed it into the funnest wikia in the universe. Fnaf, illuminati, roleplay, and pranks were everywhere. GFG praised them for making the wiki so popular among many people. But soon that would change....

    One day they made a mistake.....they let a yellow illumanati gentlemen named "Bill Cipher" out of computer prison.

    "Hey da names Bill noice to meet cha!" Bill said.

    "What...are you?" Tipper asked.

    "Hehe, im Bill! The all seeing eye of Jesus!" Bill exclaimed.

    "But...your club are satan worshipers! Right? Thats what i heard" Tipper asked.

    "Dun be silly!Illuminati is a internet meme! Im no…

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  • The Golden Foxy guy BB 3.0

    I have 601 edits people!!! *blowhorn* illuminati song :3

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  • The Golden Foxy guy BB 3.0




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