Last time STORY SO FAR: Gold and Lollie were doing casual things then they heard a clunk downstairs, they came to investigate, seeing a bunny's footprint. Then Gold saw Pengu come from the kitchen having a pot on his face, Gold removed the pot and Pengu thanked her.It was cut short, as another "clunk" and chuckle. Springtroop charged at them and attacked. Springtroop tried attacking Pengu making Lollie return the punch he did to her. Gold fireballed Springtroop. Enter Wit a squid on the Ugly team. Wit gets close to killing Gold. Gold devises a plan, she says a quick riddle, Wit tries solving it. Springtroop lunges at Gold and Pengu tries helping Gold but gets kicked, again. Wit stabs Yang/Gold and Springtroop gets kicked making him unconscious. A pack of soldiers enter, who seem to be working for Team UGLY. Blah blah blah, the soldiers attacked the three making Wit and Springtroop to flee. PePengu falls unconscious and huge red laser appears in the center of the room. This time: "PENGU! WAKE UP PLEASE! I'm sorry! ;(" Yang yelled "He's unconscious." Lollie said "It... Might... Just-." Yang saidPengu's body doesn't move The five soldiers fleed out, Soldier 5 farting on Yang in the process "Yeah! That's right! Go run to your master! Ya cowards!" Yang giggled "This isn't the last you'll see us!" Ugly Soldier 4 yelled "Get your ass over here!" Yelled Ugly Soldier 3 The red laser faded away, loud footsteps were audible "Oh god... Not again..." Yang grunted "Ugggh.." Lollie grunted "Wenk!" Pengu wenked At one end of the house a giant Creepypasta crashed in "This is a sign from Fox flames!" "Here comes the "creepiest" pasta dude." Yang grunted "How is pasta scary?" Lollie asked "No idea." Yang replied "Ergggh..." The Creepypasta reached out a hand with long fingernails and a whole finger missing with blood gushing out "Eeep!" "H-h-h-hi.... RUN!" Yang yelped Pengu jumped off then ran away "AAAAH!" The Creepypasta smiled blood dripping from a pointy tooth and some spinach stuck in between two "Oh my fu*king god it ate spinach!" Lollie screamed "Wenk wenk WENK WEEENK!" They all start running around like physcos Pengu jumps on Yang "Cooooooome.... Heeeeeeeereeee." "Never!" Yang shoots bullets out of her gauntlets "How the fu*k did you turn your guantlets into guns!?" Lollie asked "NO TIEM TO EXPLAIN! WE GOTTA GO!" "Just run!!!" "Grrrrr!!! I'm coming for you!" Creepypasta moaned "Wenk!" Pengu slaps Yang as if she was a horse "I DONT WANNA DIE!" Yang punches the ground launching into the sky and fly's "Hold on tight guys!!!" "AND THEY SAID PENGUINS COULDNT FLY!" Pengu says proudly "YOU SAID THAT ALREADY!" "WHO CARES THE PART IS ENDI-" End. Wanna be part of the story? Go here: