Last time STORY SO FAR:

Gold and Lollie were doing casual things then they heard a clunk downstairs, they came to investigate, seeing a bunny's footprint. Then Gold saw Pengu come from the kitchen having a pot on his face, Gold removed the pot and Pengu thanked her. It was cut short, as another "clunk" and chuckle. Springtroop charged at them and attacked. Springtroop tried attacking Pengu making Lollie return the punch he did to her. Gold fireballed Springtroop. Enter Wit a squid on the Ugly team. Wit gets close to killing Gold. Gold devises a plan, she says a quick riddle, Wit tries solving it. Springtroop lunges at Gold and Pengu tries helping Gold but gets kicked, again.

This time:

"Your ass is gonna get kicked Springtroop!" Yang kicks Springtroop off her

Wit chuckles then stabs Yang in the hip

Pengu rubbed his side then jumped on Wit "DONT HURT HEEEEEEER!"

"PENGU, NOOOO!" Yang cried

Wit slapped Pengu angrily "You little insignificant rascal." Wit kicked Yang to the ground then threw Pengu across the room

Springtroop laid on the floor, unconscious "Unicorns, gay stuff, chicken wings, staaaaaarrrrrrssssss."

Lollie ran at Wit and tackled him "AARGH!"


"Sergeant, what are your observations?"

"According to the monitor, sir, Springtroop is in need."

"Then let's go get them!

"Corporal! Stay quiet... We will come in when needed."

"We are needed!"

"... I guess so."


"I-I-i cant get up!" Yang said as she held her hip

"You are gonna die, Blondie." Wit said with a trident to her neck

"Springtroop is down! Yuss!" Lollie screeched

Yang kicks the trident out of Wits hand "YUSS!" Yang screeched

Peengu stood up trapped around by a whole bunch of thumbtacks and pins

"CRAASH!!" 5 figures swarmed in thru the windows, one with a red band rammed into Lolliepuff while the others crept toward Yang and Pengu

"Pengu, combo move... NOW!"

Pengu jumps in Yang's hair "Ready?"

"We, the soldiers will make this quick." Ugly Soldier 2 said


"Ugh! Get your hair off me!"

Ugly Soldier 1 repeatedly punches Lollie


"COMBO MOVE!" Yang and Pengu yelled together. Yang throws Pengu at Ugly Soldier 1 and launches her self at Ugly Soldier 2

"Aaah!" Ugly Soldier 1 and 2 yelped 

"Urgh!" Wit grabs Pengu off Ugly Soldier 1 and throws him at Yang

"Oof!" Yang said

"Yow!" Pengu cried

"Don't be so pathetic!" Lollie yelled "Kick their ass!"

Pengu hides in Yang's shirt and whimpers

Ugly Soldier 3 and 5 focused on Lollie and attacked her

Springtroop regained consciousness "Now I can leave!" He thought then snuck out slyly

"Coward..." Yang mumbled

"I don't give fuuuuuuuuuu*k" Springtroop babbled

"Watch da language sir." Ugly Soldier 4 said "Were dealing with CHILDREN!" he laughed then grabs Yang and pushes her against to a wall noticing the weird bump in her shirt "..."

"Don't you DARE to touch my boobs HERBERT!"

Ugly Soldier punches her in the chest anyway

Yang's face be like: 0_0

Pengu crawled around Yang's shirt

"..." Soldier 4 keeps looking for Pengu since he keeps moving so much "Uhh..."

Ugly Soldier 3 and 5 tie Lollie in a rope "Haha!" Then high fived

"Grrr......" Lollie growled

i would like to help Lollie! But Herbert the Pervert is cavity searching me for Pengu! ​Yang thought

Lollie flipped upside down and kicked Soldier 3

"Yang do something!" Pengu said

Wit left the buidling

Yang runs to Ugly Soldier 3 and 5


"Oh crud! We're screwed!" Soldier 3 and 5 cried

"Finally! I got the penguin!" Soldier 4 yelled


A gigantic red laser faded in the middle of the room getting darker every second




That was a long one!

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