Last time STORY SO FAR:

Gold and Lollie were doing casual things then they heard a clunk downstairs they came to investigate, seeing a bunny's footprint. Then Gold saw Pengu come from the kitchen having a pot on his face, Gold removed the pot and Pengu thanked her. It was cut short, as another "clunk" and chuckle. Springtroop charged at them and attacked.


Pengu flew in the air, and people said penguins can't fly, and crashed in the TV "No! I liked that show!"

"Get back here you numbskull!" Springtroop yelled and tries to reach for Pengu

"I ain't no numbskull!" Pengu panicked and ran around

Lollie turned Springtroop to face her and punched him 

"Owowowwo!" Springtrooped yelped

Lollie kept punching him "How does that feel!?"

Gold/Yang giggled "How does that feel VINCENT!?"

"Who's Vincent?" Pengu climbed on Gold again

"Who cares!? Hahah!" Lollie yelled

Springtroop pushed Lollie off "She's talking about ME! Dimwits! My name used to be Vincent before I got a nickname!"

"That's a stupid name!"

"Why you little pric-"

Pengu hid behind Gold's back and whimpered

Lollie tried punching Springtroop again missing completely throwing her off balance

"Nobody calls my Pengu a PRICK!" Gold attacks Springtroop fiercely "STAND BACK..."

Lollie backs off

"HUEHUEHUEHUE... *growl*... RAARRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!" Gold throws fireballs at Springtroop

Pengu jumped off Gold and ran to Lollie

A octopus looking figure jumped in thru a window and pointed its spear to Gold's neck

"Don't make me ha-"

The "thing" sliced off a piece of hair off gold


"Incorrect, the name is Wit. I do not see this "monster" you speak of." Wit grinned

"I see why they call you Wit." Gold said in an unamused face

"Are you teasing me?" Wit brung his trident closer to Gold's neck

"Yang! Don't make him mad!" Pengu yelped

"I know what I'm doing Pengu." Gold quickly devised a plan in her head

"Or do you? You, look like the kind of person that doesn't. But oh well, I shall let your tiny mind run free."

Lollie growled in disgust

"Now Wit... How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" Gold said quickly

"... Its on the tip of my tongue.."

Springtroop facepalmed and said "I don't have time for this..." Then pounced on Yang

"Yang!" Pengu jumped on Springtroop

Wit then kicked Pengu off 

Exactly as planned! Just have to kick these guys off and it will go on track!


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