Last time STORY SO FAR:

Gold and Lollie were doing casual things then they heard a clunk downstairs they came to investigate, seeing a bunny's footprint


Gold looked around seeing Pengu emerge from the kitchen, his head covered by a pot

"Whew, Pengu that was a very rough d- PENGU!? WHATS HAPPENING!?"

"What happened? I farte-... Oh wait, you mean what happened here?"

"The POT over your head."

"I dunno." Pengu tried taking off the pot from his head

"Here, let meh get it off." Gold easily took the pot off from Pengu's head

"Thank you!" Pengu jumped on Gold's chest and hugged her


Gold looked around "No..... Springtroop."

Pengu climbed onto Gold's back "H-him?"

A quiet chuckle was heard

"That's right Yang... This time you're going out with a bang!" Springtroop ran toward Gold

"Nooo!!" Lollie jumped in front of Gold in slow motion

"What is she doing?"

Springtroop quickly punches Lollie, "Piece of furbag!" kicks Pengu, "Penguin prick!" and headbutts Gold/Yang "Blondielocks!"

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