Who are this wiki's bureaucrats?

NameDate of promotionNote(s)
LolliepuffMarch 13, 2015Bureaucrat, Second Most Kawaii
The Golden Foxy guy BB 3.0Febuary 7, 2015Founder
Foxy Da PirateMarch 8, 2015Coder, Bureaucrat

Who are this wiki's administrators?

NameDate of promotionNote(s)
Foxy Da PirateFebruary 8, 2015/March 5, 2015 Coder, Bureaucrat
The Golden Foxy guy BB 3.0Febuary 7, 2015Founder
SwizzySwagFebruary 9, 2015Admin
Jillips EntertainmentFebruary 8, 2015Admin
Fox flamesFebruary 8, 2015Admin
LolliepuffMarch 13, 2015Breaucrat

Who are this wiki's rollbacks?

NameDate of promotionNote(s)
DrifterzzzzMarch 8, 2015Rollback


At times, a user may show exceptional work and dedication, and may be given rights. Only admins may promote users.

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