About Edit

Team Kawaii is a group of people on the wiki who stop the Illuminati from attacking, they all have kawaii (cute) icons, hence the name.

History Edit

Team Kawaii was formed when this page was created, before that there is a lack of knowledge on the history of the team.

Members Edit

Team Kawaii's members are: Edit

  • Golden Foxy BB guy 3.0 - Founder
  • Lolliepuff - Kawaii Jester
  • SwizzySwag - Penguin Emperor
  • Fox flames - Creepypasta Lord
  • Balloon Boi 2.0 - Borderlands Nerd
  • Taz Da Wolf - This guy that made the blocked tag to 'ILLUMINATI AKA BLOCKED'
  • Hybrid Clock Swag - Kawaii Electric Fighter
  • Jakobuniverse - The Bomber

Recruitment Edit

We ARE looking for new members, so don't be afraid to join!